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There are people who see the future, or the past, as clearly as you see across the room. Without knowing you, and sometimes without meeting you face-to-face, they can describe the key events that have shaped you into who you are today. As accurately as you can describe the chair you are sitting on, they perceive who you are and the choices you are likely to make, whether in the realm of family, relationships, career, money or health.

Hello. I�m Kate McGovern. I have what some folks call an unusual gift. I �pick up on things� before they happen. In fact, I could be reading you right now while you�re reading this page.

Do you ever get knocked off balance by unexpected events? Most of us do. But I can help you prepare, show you some clues about what's coming so you can get ready�I can help you find your best next step! How many times have you said...

�If only I�d known...�
�If I�d just seen that coming!�
I�m here to reassure you there are intuitive spiritual counselors, psychic mediums if you will, who see �that� coming� that thing you would have handled better had you thought about it ahead of time. I know. I�m one of them. Most people�s hindsight is my foresight.

Don�t let the word medium throw you. It is a neutral word that talks about a person acting as a go-between. I am a lightworker, as are the best psychics and mediums I know. My objective is to facilitate your inner healing through intuitive exploration.

Would you like to be able to improve your...
Are you looking for some insight into your life? Would you like to get knowledge from your Higher Self as to how to proceed?

When you see your life clearly�your love life and relationships; your career choices and moves; your health and underlying physical and emotional energy; your money and financial opportunities�then life improves immensely.

You feel peaceful, lifted and ready to be the best possible you that you can create!
You discover your strengths, uncover gifts and talents, and learn your life�s purpose.

You can even connect with those people who have passed on.

Your Guides and Angels absolutely know what is going on in your life at this moment and are eager to share it with you through
an accurate psychic reading.

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