“I was suffering from post-traumatic stress, and Kate was an immeasurable help to me.  Not only did my trauma leave me, but so did my back pain.  I wholeheartedly recommend Kate to anyone who needs assistance and clarity with life issues.  Kate is a kind and compassionate angel.”
                                                      ~Emily H., Sedona, AZ

A sense of peace, love, compassion, kindness, hope…these are the feelings I leave this session with.  Early on I was surrounded by kindness, made to feel comfortable and secure.  No flashes of brilliance or thunderous overtures, simply a message that I needed to hear, a message that I knew and love knows, but have chosen to ignore.  A new beginning.
                                                   ~Marie C., Torrance, CA

Thank you for sharing your incredible gift with
me. The shift within me has been amazing. I find myself incapable of getting caught up in anger as before.  You helped me clarify what needed to be released and enabled me to do so.  You reassured me that I haven’t lost the optimistic, lovely, loving, lively spirit I feared I had been shutting out.  You have freed me and given me hope, opened my heart to the future.                                            ~Cindy Z., Chicago, IL


“We thank you very much for all of your help in answering some very important questions for us.”

                                    ~Cheri & Deatrice D.., Pueblo, CO



“Thank you again for your wonderful work.  It took about two days for me to let go, but I can feel it more now.  I appreciate very much how you helped me.”
                                                 ~Mary C., Scottsdale, AZ


Quote from Spa Magazine
At session’s end,
I feel lighter,
somehow more ethereal, with a profound sense of contentment.
End Quote from Spa Magazine

“Kate relays messages from your spiritual guides…  Leaves you feeling refreshed and energized.” ~CLTV TELEVISION

“I felt your intuitive abilities to be extreme.  I felt so seen, heard and acknowledged.  It was very healing for me.  Some of that healing was on a deep soul level.”~Bonnie G., Sedona, AZ

“Kate has made an incredible difference in my life in a very short period of time.  She always knows just what I need.  Her remarkable and accurate psychic readings have been right on target.  She detected and lifted my depression and self-esteem issues through her energy healings.  Her hands always move just to the right place for my healings.  She is truly a gifted spirit. ~Patricia S., Chicago, IL

We were so impressed
with you! 
You were so right on
with everything
for all four of us
—very accurate. 
End Quote
Peggy B., CO Springs, CO

“Kate's intuitive reading gave me the wisdom and courage to do what I need to do to fix my life.   She was amazing!” ~Marcia K., Kansas City, MO

“I am privileged and humbled to be in the presence of a Master.  Your understood experience and the clarity in your communication is extraordinary.  Your generosity and willingness to contribute are an acknowledgement of who you are being to mankind.” ~Mark W., Phoenix, AZ

“I feel healed and more light filled.  Thank you for giving so much of yourself and in helping me with a life lesson.” ~Deanna D., St. Louis, MO

“Your presence, peace and acceptance of life and me are something to behold!  You are one of God’s chosen ones and you are not only talking the talk, but you are walking the walk.”
            ~Patricia B., St. Louis, MO

“Your ability to heal comes from your incredible ability to love.”
            ~Becky B., Seattle, WA

“I will remember this healing as one of those BIG moments in my life.  Thank you for all your love, support and validation.  You are not only a gifted and natural healer, you are a gifted and natural teacher.”
                 ~Jodi J., Santa Clara, CA

“I salute you for your commitment to being a clear channel for Spirit.”
                     ~Tom T., Chicago, IL

“The healing you use is most definitely from a place of unconditional love, channeling Spirit 110%.”
                      ~Mark M., St. Louis, MO

“Your help meant a great deal to me.  Somehow I feel more ‘whole.’”
            ~Carolyn H., CO  Springs, CO

“Loved your reading.  I was surprised at the info and have been thinking about it.  It all makes good sense.  You are so cool!”     ~Randi B., Pueblo, CO