Kate’s accurate psychic reading and energetic healing services are customized to help you...

  • Energize your life
  • Reunite with loved ones
  • Solve difficult problems

ACCURATE PSYCHIC READING An intuitive reading is an opportunity to soothe your spirit. You may learn your purpose for being here on earth, and discover your unique gifts and talents. You can explore the deeper lessons and meanings in the events and patterns of your life and obtain answers to questions. A session may involve initiation, spirit guides, masters and angels. It can help you set an intention for your future and see yourself from Spirit’s viewpoint.

ENERGETIC HEALING Energy healing can reduce pain and lower stress. It can lead you on adventures with your soul. It can clear your chakras. It can help you release deeply held patterns that no longer work for you. Most of all, it calibrates your body to the clarity you gained in your psychic reading.

During your sessions(s) you may:

  1. Ask as many questions as you like.
  2. Have healing energy directed wherever you choose—your physical body, your family or a specific situation.
  3. Know your Guides and Angels absolutely know what is going on in your life at this moment and are eager to share it with you through a reading with Kate.

INTERNET SPECIAL As an internet special, you pay--not $100--but only $80.00--Here’s how to order your reading/healing session right now! Take advantage of these options for a reading that is thorough and accurate--do it today!

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Regular Services

• 1 hour reading
• Two 1-hour readings
• ½ hour reading

Internet Special Packages

• 2 readings per year
• 6 ½ hour readings per year

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½ hour reading
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Kate relays messages from your spiritual guides…  Leaves you feeling refreshed and energized.”