Let me tell you how I changed my health for the better--permanently.

About eight years ago, I was visiting Chicago doing some healing and psychic work. One woman I worked on was different. I would no sooner intend a correction in her system than it was done! I was so impressed that at the end of the session I asked her what would make the difference in her system. She said, “I take Juice Plus.”

I promptly let that go.

Two days later I worked on another woman whose inner organs seemed to be regenerating and making her younger, kind of perky! She had an inner harmony and balance also. I asked her what she was doing that would affect that, and she said, “I take Juice Plus.”

This time I listened, and within three hours I, too, could say, I take Juice Plus.

As a result and after a year and a half, my chronic colon difficulties were no longer a problem. I knew I had more energy and my body had more stamina.

I will continue to take Juice Plus, because after eight years of using it on a daily basis, I really know that it helps my body to be healthy and prevent disease.

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Her organs seemed to be regenerating...making her younger!
          ~Kate McGovern


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I take Juice Plus