Kate McGovern






Kate McGovern

A true psychic intuitive reader in Sedona, Arizona, offering spiritual counseling and energy healings. A direct connection to your spirit guides, angels and higher self. Sessions in person or by telephone.



To talk to Kate for more information
or to schedule a session or event,
please call (928) 284-9292 or
email kate@psychicsedona.com.

“I am privileged and humbled to be in the presence of a Master.  Your understood experience and the clarity in your communication is extraordinary.  Your generosity and willingness to contribute are an acknowledgement of who you are being to mankind.”
                                                  ~Mark W., Phoenix, AZ



Kateate brings joy, warmth and practicality to sessions with her clients. She uses a unique method of subtle energy work to balance your body, mind and spirit during your intuitive readings.

McGovern has served both nationally and internationally for two decades as a healer, teacher and psychic as well as a minister applying hands-on healing through sound and music therapy.

She has taught accredited courses in Energy Healing and Advanced Intuition Development.

She was initiated as a shaman and has worked with other shamen in Fiji, New Zealand, Hawaii and Peru.

After owning a healing center in Sedona, Arizona, Kate has been a nutritional health advocate for eight years. She offers public lectures and is a wellness coach.

Best of all, Kate continues to explore the inner spiritual realms as part of her personal journey, so what she has to give is always fresh and profound.